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Lorenzo Fattor is born in Koper (SLO) at June 15, 1990

 Director, editor, camera operator, drone pilot, screen writer.

He studied at the "E.U. Nordio ” school in Triest. Lorenzo began to take an interest in film directing and videography around 2014, when he started to writing and shooting some short films. He is passionate about Cinema and video-communication, and after a few years of working as a freelance videomaker, he opens his own production in 2020, with which he works in various fields, from documentaries to feature films, from corporate videos to music videos. His debut short, "Relicta", shot as an experiment, won the second prize in the category in the "Istria Nobilissima" competition in 2016, in addition to the selection and screening at the "Cinema dei Fabbri" competition in Triest (IT). It collaborates with various state and cultural bodies, private clients and companies. In addition to the various works carried out for third parties as a technical operator and editor, in 2020 he directed the feature film "Traveling among remote melodies", as part of the VIII Istrioto Festival. In the same year he wrote and directed “Veita”, a short film that obtained the selection at the “War and Peace” festival in Rome (IT), as well as the “Best Screenplay” award at the “Filandart Film Festival” in Vicenza (IT). In 2021 he directed his second feature film, "Rimi-tour", again as part of the Istrioto Festival. In 2021 he directed the documentary "La Batana salvorina" in collaboration with the association "Savudrijska batana" and the Istrian region (HR). He has worked with various entities such as; The Italian Union in Croatia, the Istrian Region (HR), the Croatian Community of Trieste (IT), various municipalities, schools, associations and tourism organisations. He has collaborated with various realities in the musical field as an operator, editor, writer and creative; Mold Records (IT), Sonicyut (IT), Manntra (HR), Sara Renar (HR), NoMotion (IT), Black Corrida (IT), Milena Medu (IT), Daniel Moscarda (HR), Sergio Preden (HR), Metaklapa (HR), etc. He is actively interested in music, art history, philosophy and outdoor sports. In addition, he is a member of the Rijeka Comites, the consular representation group for Italians in Croatia.

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